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A school offering expert dance instruction in a supportive, nurturing environment.


Your child will study with qualified, highly-experienced teachers who are passionate about dance as an art form. We believe that children benefit tremendously from exposure to the arts, and our goal is to help all our students experience the joy of artistic expression through dance while maintaining an equally ​​strong emphasis on technique. We are proud of the specific and balanced dance training we offer and pleased that several of our students have gone on to have rewarding dance careers in both performance and teaching. 


Please explore our site to learn more about the exciting experiences offered at Uxbridge Dance Academy.

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About Us

Since 1994 the Uxbridge Dance Academy, under the direction of Nancy Einsmann, has been providing quality dance training for all ages.


We are proud to provide every student with the opportunity to develop and explore different aspects of dance, music and theatre.


With a fabulous annual Recital, Christmas Open Houses  and a biennial production of The Nutcracker, students have the opportunity to showcase their training and have a great time doing it! Our Senior students are also given extra performance opportunities in appropriate select venues.


The Academy offers a complete program in Classical Ballet, Creative Movement, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Acro, Lyrical, Contemporary and Tumbling and Conditioning Classes. 

Annual Spring Performance


Each spring, the students are given the opportunity to perform for friends, family and adoring fans at Uxbridge's historic Music Hall. The performances are outstanding year after year!  Students & Parents have access to exclusive web content including newsletters and behind-the-scenes photos from previous Recitals.

Competitive Program


The Uxbridge Dance Academy Competitive Team, under the direction of Emily Einsmann, provides positive training and performance experience for students looking to enhance their dance program. Team members compete at three competitions per season, and leave each competition with meaningful memories that will last a lifetime. 

The Nutcracker


Since 2006, Uxbridge Dance Academy has been pleased to present biennial performances of The Nutcracker. Our students and teachers work hard to bring this enchanting story to life just in time for Christmas. The proceeds from these shows are donated to local charitable organizations.



Creative Movement

Do you have a little one who loves to play ballerina? Creative Movement classes bring play-dance from the living room into the studio without removing natural spontaneity. Movement, rhythm, shapes and improvisation are introduced in a lively and creative atmosphere.

All classes are taught by highly experienced and qualified instructors.


Jazz classes consist of contemporary and classical movements with a modern, stylized structure. The learning environment is high-energy, athletic and aerobically intensive. Choreography may be based on Broadway, Contemporary and Lyrical styles.


Acro is a fun, dynamic and challenging combination of acrobatics and jazz dance.  This discipline introduces and builds on basic tumbling skills and develops strength and flexibility. The dance component contributes to an exciting and artistic experience for your child.   

Classical Ballet

Ballet is one of the most beautiful forms of dance and provides the foundation for all dance disciplines. Ballet offers a wonderful means of artistic expression and is a must for the serious dancer. Our creative instruction explores and refines classical movements with sensitivity to each student's particular physical requirements. The syllabus includes free movement and traditional character work. Instructors are all highly qualified and certified and/or have extensive professional dance experience. 

Lyrical & Contemporary

Lyrical and Contemporary dance draw heavily on both classical ballet and modern technique to tell an expressive and engaging story through the art of movement. Students are encouraged to become actors while relying on their strong dance technique to express the dramatic content of the music.


Classes combine the magic of rhythm with the exciting art of movement while emphasizing the fundamental Tap syllabus. Students explore pulse and tempo through sounds generated by the feet and hands. Development of each student's musicality and memory is encouraged through creative improvisation. 

Hip Hop

Kids know what this contemporary dance form is all about and they want to be able to perform those moves they see in their favourite videos! Your child will learn to move and groove with the best of them as they embrace the demands of this highly athletic and upbeat dance class.  

Adult Classes

Dance isn't just for little ones! Each year we offer an exciting roster of adult classes which provide a supportive yet challenging dance experience. It’s a fun and rewarding way to build energy, balance and coordination!​


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